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Our Excellence is
Your Success

JK Corporate Resourcing is a consultancy firm that provides solutions to the workplace to maximise human capital. JK Corporate Resourcing is a workplace rehabilitation provider approved by WorkCover NSW, Workcover Queensland , WorkCover Tasmania, CTP, and Comcare. JK Corporate Resourcing provides psychological services, workplace health and safety consultancy, general assessments in a variety of systems and mediation. JK Corporate Resourcing has extensive experience in working with privately underwritten states and WorkCover underwritten states. We work with those organisations that are both agent insured and self-insured and truly understand the needs of both systems.

Our mission is to provide high quality and cost effective solutions, thereby achieving optimum results for all parties.

JK Corporate Resourcing is an accredited provider of The Progressive Goal Attainment Program: PGAP. This is an intervention that has been developed to target psychosocial risk factors for delayed recovery. PGAP has been shown to reduce psychosocial risk factors and promote successful return to work in individuals suffering from a wide range of debilitating health and/or mental health conditions.



JK Corporate Resourcing works within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to assist and empower people with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives.

We treat all clients and companies individually • We take into consideration all environmental, social and cultural factors • We work collaboratively and efficiently with all parties • We understand the need to move forward in a timely manner


Our HR Services Will Support You
And Your Staff Excel

Our staff will work collaboratively with you to determine the best strategy to identify and get the best out of your most precious asset… your staff. We will work with you to achieve extraordinary results and build a positive team and workplace culture. Our suite of services include consultation, assessment of the workplace culture and ongoing coaching to ensure advice and direction is best adapted to your needs.

    Our staff are experts in their field and bring a vast amount of experience to your organisation

   Our experience and knowledge are there to benefit you

    Our reputation for excellence will benefit you and your people


Our Areas
of Expertise

Benefit from our guidance and support to you and your team. We will build a healthy and proactive culture leading to a workplace that is not only sought after, but one of profitability. JK Corporate Resourcing helps build human capital. Whatever this means for you and your organisation, JK Corporate Resourcing will tailor develop a package that will bring your team to the forefront of your industry for not only quality but a mentally and physical safe work environment.


We Offer People-Based Consultancy Advice To Companies & Businesses


Why Choose JK Corporate Resourcing Services
Our Areas of Expertise Are

Executive Coaching

  • Individual or group based
  • Supporting your management team to support your personnel
  • Development and guidance on an ongoing basis

Workplace Culture

  • Assess the cultural pulse
  • Gap analysis
  • Development and execution of cultural development/changes

Assessments & Feedback

  • IQ Testing
  • Psychometric Assessments (interests, personality, aptitude)
  • Medico-legal Assessments


  • Face to face | Telehealth | Video Call
  • Individual or Group Debrief
  • Personal through to professional issues

Corporate Training

  • Wide variety of subject matter
  • Education on best practice to have a mentally healthy workplace
  • Competency based and tailored to your organisational needs


  • Assessments for access and review
  • Positive Behavioural Support Plans
  • Program Development
  • Treatment | Clinical


Changing Ways

Changing Ways Consulting is a subsidiary of JK Corporate Resourcing that specialises in tailored workplace services focusing on auditing and training in adherence to OH&S management systems.  Changing Ways Consulting is experienced and accredited in organisational audits for 45001 OH&S Management Systems and will be working with organisations with their implementation of the released 45003 standards. In addition, Changing Ways Consulting provides high quality medico-legal reports within the workers compensation, CTP, life insurance and income protection schemes.

JK Corporate Resourcing can meet all your HR and organisational needs. Our consultants provide both clinical and organisational support to you.

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